Run Commute #2

After a lazy week last week and missing my long run on Sunday because I felt a little off colour, I thought I should make up for it today with a run home from work.

I took a slightly shorter route this time (7 miles vs 8.5 last time) and tried to keep my legs moving a little faster than the last time. Now I was more familiar with the the profile of the run and the hills towards the end of the run, I saved a little bit of energy for the last section.

It was a tough day at work and I forgot to take some snacks for the afternoon so I was running on empty. Yesterday I did eat a very large slice of red velvet cake while I was at the cinema watching Godzilla so I think I’ve now burned that off.

I managed the 6.92 mile run with an average pace of 7:58. Not bad considering the 480+ ft of elevation gain along the route.

It still feels safer running this route than it does riding the bike which seems strange to me as I am a very strong and comfortable bike rider. I think it is because you run facing the traffic and therefore have a better feel for the traffic coming along the road. All in all a good run, but now I have to run back tomorrow AM to get my car. 🙂


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