Run Commute #3: Running Back Again

Yesterday I ran home from work which means that my car was stranded at the office. So today’s choice was to either ride my bike to work, cadge a ride or run back again.

Tuesdays are my regular running morning so I opted to run back to the office. At around seven miles it isn’t too far to go but there are no shower facilities so I had to use the trusted baby wipes.

Running in the morning is a little trickier than running home in the evening because there seemed to be far more traffic on the roads. There are a couple of points where the roads narrow and there is no sidewalk to run on so I had to wait for a school bus on one occasion and on another I ran on a very sloped bank of grass. Other than that it was a relatively uneventful run.

It is a shame that there are so few sidewalks out in the suburbs around Valley Forge. During commute times the traffic can be quite busy and some roads are very narrow. I made sure to have bright clothing and some flashing lights to make myself as visible as possible. I also made sure I was running in a visible position on the road (slightly out from the edge) and that I was running towards the oncoming traffic as much as possible.

My run was slightly slower this morning than last night but I had to wait to cross roads on several occasions so perhaps that is why. Seven miles with a pace of 8:10.

Now I am ravenous. Tonight I am going out with work colleagues who are visiting from overseas so I won’t have to feel guilty about consuming too much. Hurrah!

20140520-124759-46079328.jpgA photo from my Naturalization Day. What a quality piece of headgear!


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