Track Night #4: Light Haze

Another night at the track with FastTracks Running Group and yet more rain to keep us cool. There was a better turnout this week as the rain was at least light. The week’s training was to be a repeat of last week (which I missed) and consisted of:

400m with 200m recovery, 200m with 200m recovery, 400m with 200m recovery, 200m with 200m recovery, 400m with 200m recovery then 200m with 400m recovery…

And then do it all again!

The pace for the main runs should be your 1 mile pace and it is key to the programme that you know what this is and that you can run to that pace consistently for all the intervals. I suspect that this is because we will gradually be running longer at that pace with fewer recovery periods.

I have to say that it was quite a tough workout tonight and there were a couple of really strong runners leading “Group 1” (the sub-22 minute 5k’ers) which pushed all of us. I was pretty consistently fourth in the group of about 12.

This week I also wore my heart rate monitor. It showed my max rate reaching 189 bpm which, coincidently, is the max rate value that I calculated with my exertion test last year. My average for the runs was around 157 which is okay (I think).

The total mileage measured was 4.5 miles because I did a warm up lap too, with an average pace of 7:30 that includes all the 200m recovery periods. I guess we must have been running a little fast for some of the intervals because if I switch my phone to give me quarter mile splits there are a couple that are lower than 6:20 pace and one that is 5:51 pace. I didn’t have my lap timer running for tonight… I’ll have to work out a way to do that for future circuits.

There were a few people present that I hadn’t run with before and some very different running styles. If you don’t believe that there is no right/wrong way to run then I encourage you to go to a track meet and see the various running styles. Some people lean forward, some stay dead straight and others lean slightly backwards. Some people move efficiently and along a straight line while others seem to swing their legs out wide around the hip. Some people take long over-reaching, slow strides while others take short quick strides. It is very interesting to observe.

It was a good night and a few of us went for beers afterwards (always appreciated) however it is now 10:43 pm and I am back in the office as we have problems with some of the DB servers… so I’m here to kick them back into line.



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