Getting Out The Door

Sometimes it is hard to get out the door. Very hard. Today was definitely one of those days.

At the 5:30 alarm I struggled into my shorts and running top then lay back down on the bed.

5:37 I finally got my butt up off the bed and headed downstairs. I then faffed around with gadgets for ten minutes. Relacing shoes and generally feeling like a slouch. I was tired and had a sore throat. After a glass of water (bottled because we have a public health water emergency at the moment) I sucked it up and reluctantly went outside.

At the top of the drive I did a few dynamic stretches. Everything was tight and creaked when I moved. I did not want to run.

The funny thing is the previous night I dreamed of getting out early and running as fast as I could; all out.

In the cool of the morning I started my gadgets and slowly started moving down the driveway.

My legs felt like lead for the first mile. I decided I wasn’t going to be fast but that I would just run and see what happens. I went passed a house that burned late last year to see what progress had been made (nothing). Then headed on my way. I went exploring for a change and took some turns that I hadn’t been down before, one of which led to an incredibly long downhill that was a dead end road. And you know what that means… An incredibly long climb back up the hill. This will be a good one for training for the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half in a couple of weeks time.

20140523-071721-26241911.jpgThis shows the profile of the hill. This is particularly good because there is no traffic down this no outlet road. It did make me slow though as you can see from this overlaid pace picture.
20140523-071722-26242047.jpgOn days as tough as these it is sometimes a boost to look at some of the random stats that the nike+ site generates, like this:


Anyway, the run is over. It was slow but interesting and at least I did it!. As ever, the hardest race is the one inside your head. Sometimes you just have run even if you don’t feel like it.

Victory is mine.


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