Iconic Running Music and Hills

I need to get some more hills under my belt in preparation for the Heartbreak Hill Half-Marathon in June, so today was a long slow hilly experience. And what better to help make those miles so by than:

“Siri, play music by Queen”

Absolutely perfect for a challenging run. At mile 1.5 “another one bites the dust” and at the last big hill push “we are the champions”. Plus all those other great tracks from Queen’s Greatest Hits Volume 1. It is rare that I listen to music on my run but that was a fun choice.

The run was a reasonable 11 miles with an 8:30 pace. Here’s the profile of the hills:

20140525-095814-35894758.jpgAnd here’s the heart rate zones info. It looks like I am right in the sweet spot spending most if my time in the 80-90% range.

20140525-095900-35940259.jpgHave a great Memorial Day for those in the US. Everyone else, enjoy your Sunday Runday.


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