Human Fast. Machine Slow.

It was a warm morning and I was up early to feed baby Louie. This meant I was ready to head out the door around 6:15 including some light dynamic stretching.

I ran and it felt like I was moving quickly. I was happy with how I got up the first big hill and the second one. Then the voice on my phone chimes in with “pace 8:38”. Huh? What the heck? That can’t be right. I kept running despite the machine telling me I was slow or, perhaps, in spite of the machine! I had planned a familiar route with a slight variation on the loop point and I stuck to it.

Gradually the machine agreed that I was in fact running faster and the average time started creeping down.

I had to stop three times to cross roads where there was a line of traffic so this affected my time too.

In the end, 6.7 miles in 8:06. Nike+ had me at 7:52 average and that keeps tracking while I am running on the spot waiting to cross the road. So I guess the truth lies somewhere inbetween.

It felt fast to me. Damn stupid machines.

One odd thing today… It seems my toes are trying to escape from my running shoes.

20140527-072744-26864455.jpgA hole! That’s not cool. My Brooks Beast shoes always had a section of harder material over the big toes toe box area, but this model doesn’t. I guess it shows that I am lifting my toes while I run which I probably shouldn’t be doing.


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