Hill Training: Run for the Hills

No, this is not getting your pet hill to sit and stay, or to walk to heel. Hill training is to help push your body to improve. Find one. Run up and down it. Both directions help.

Surprisingly running downhill is quite hard on your body and is not the easy recovery you might hope for. Running uphill, well, I probably don’t need to say that is tough but it helps to build your muscle strength.

The hill I found last week was my selected destination and is a two mile run from my house. It is 0.47 miles down so just shy of a mile for the complete circuit. I chose to do three repeats due to time restrictions. A couple of dogs were watching me run back and forth with very puzzled barks. I also scared a fox at one point as he stood in the road blissfully unaware that I was coming up behind him. My “hi foxy!” wasn’t well received and he sprinted for cover. It seems that the fox says “arrrgh, I’m getting outta here!”

Here’s the profile of the workout:

20140529-095205-35525977.jpgI ran a different route home just to add some colour to the routine.

Overall 7 miles at 8:36 pace. Not too fast but ohhh those hills!


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