Taper Week and Not a Worm In Sight

Next Sunday I have my first official half-marathon HHHalf where I am registered in my own name. So in preparation I need to start scaling down my activity to build up some steam for the event.

However plans sometimes go out the window when you start running. Today I set my iPlod on My Chemical Romance’s Black Parade album and didn’t realise quite how zoned out I was until the album finished. Oops, I’d forgotten to turn around and was now at the 5.5 miles mark.

The perkiomen river trail was beautiful and had a good number of cyclists and runners out, most of whom would return my greetings and waves. I think the Superman shirt I was wearing makes people more inclined to respond. I was singing away as I was going along and playing air guitar and drums. Very sad, I’m sure.

Looking forward to a more relaxing week if I can remember to actually do less. We’ll see… As for this run 10.6 miles at 8:02 pace. I did stop to speak to a cyclist who was pushing her bike to make sure all was well, so that added to it a little. Most of the time I was under 7:50 pace.


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