Actually Tapering

This week I am supposed to take my foot off the gas, to slow down and smell the roses, and to chill out a bit in preparation for the half-marathon at the weekend and I am actually managing to do it.

I missed my Tuesday am run and on Wednesday decided to go for a walk with a friend rather than attend the club track night. It was a perfect evening for a stroll around Valley Forge National Historical Park with temps in the 70s. It was the first time he’d walked there and I think he enjoyed it.

This morning I gave in and did a gentle slow run for four miles in the rain. If I believed in a soul I would say that it was cleansed. Running in light rain is a wonderful experience. I did step up the pace for the final 400 yards just to get some blood moving and this felt good for my legs.

I can definitely feel the energy building up in my legs. By Sunday I’ll be like a coiled spring so may have to do a short jog on Saturday. I don’t want to risk going out too hard because a Half Marathon is a little too much to run flat out from the start.

Also I find that I am starting to think about it as a race and wanting to push myself. I normally try to bury those feelings as I don’t like they way they taste.

Today’s run was four miles at 8:20. I had to wait to cross a road a two points.

I’m looking at the sessions that Runners world are running at the expo and think they will be fun. I may try and blog some of them.


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