Runners World Heartbreak Hill Half-Marathon Expo

Today my wife and I spent the day geeking out on running stuff.

We started the day by meeting a personal trainer and comedian who has the same neurological disease as my wife (CMT). It was nice to hang out over breakfast and make a new friend who has a strong interest in fitness and knows about the challenges of the condition.

After this we headed off to the expo for the Heartbreak Hill Half-Marathon at Boston College. The tram service took us out the five miles to the venue and we walked around the grounds to find the expo. Boston College is a pretty campus and was quite quiet as I guess term has already finished for most students.

The expo was held in the Conte arena and there was plenty to look at and buy. I got a lovely new cycling/running top that is super reflective and a hat to go with it. That will be good for winter running. Now it may seem an odd thing to buy at the start of summer but year round runners are always looking for a bargain!

My wife and I posed for a photo and mock-up of the Runners World cover. Oh that this were true. Here we are looking all sporty:

20140607-171824-62304981.jpgI love the irony of my shirt.

After hanging out at the expo we went to a few of the talks that the runners world staff put in. First up was Mark Remy who did a ‘nothing like jeopardy’ game as a kind of Q & A session. That worked really well and got the audience in a good mood. He then answered some general questions and gave away a few goodies. My wife and I were awarded the prize for coming the longest way over the most time (England to Boston over thirteen years). Our prizes were some original artwork from some ‘reenactments’ that he had created. He signed them both too, so that was cool of him.

Then we went to the course strategy meeting hosted by Bart Yasso and Dave McGillivray. This was an interesting session as both are strong presenters with interesting running stories that kept the audience engaged. Who knew that Dave ran his first Boston marathon as a bandit. Tut-tut. 🙂 The synopsis of the race is that it is hilly and that the first half is mainly downhill so take it easy or you’ll wreck your legs.

We also bought a couple of rollers from ‘The Stick’ guys for harder to reach muscle aches and got a few freebies from the various stands around the hall.

Now we are heading back for pasta and an early night to try and undo the ravages of the beer we has last night. Fun fun fun and no preface jitters. Yet.


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