Recovery: Roll Me with your Massage Stick, Roll me, Roll me.

Roll me slowly. Roll me quick. Roll me. Roll me. Roooo-la-me! (To the tune of “Hit me with your rhythm stick” by Ian Drury and the Blockheads).

In place of this morning’s run I got up early and spent forty-five minutes with my new harder rolling stick. Painful. Good. Ahh.

I also did some calf stretches and downward facing dog to ensure that my legs loosen up a little.

In truth my legs are still quite sore from the run on Sunday so I must have hit it hard. I spent most if the day hobbling around the office for the first ten steps when I initially stood up.

Come this evening though and I wanted to get out and run. The temps were in the low 80s with some cloud and I wanted to hit some hills. After my perceived defeat on Sunday I wanted to show I could still do hills so I chose a short five mile route around Valley Forge National Historical Park and headed there after work.

The heat was terrible and on a couple of occasions I felt like I should stop and walk but I fought through it and kept going despite it all. I had a water bottle with me and half filled it with gatorade as I am still trying to recover from the weekend. I was a sweaty mess by the end but I felt like I was mentally stronger for having done this. I didn’t want to feel beaten any longer.

5.1 miles (including bathroom stop) @8:15 pace. That’ll do.

20140610-195022-71422165.jpgThe Finish.


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