Continued Recovery and Race Photos

I took the night off on Wednesday and didn’t attend track training because I don’t feel like my legs have fully recovered from the extra effort I put into the half-marathon on Sunday. Instead I received an email from Runner’s World with a link to ‘my photos’.

Now, I’m in a quandary here as the site is so lax with its security that within two minutes I was able to fully access all of my photos without any security protection on the images. The quandary is that I have a good friend who is a professional race photographer and I feel that I wouldn’t want to ‘steal’ from him. However, this wasn’t related to him and I would hope that he uses a site that has slightly more challenging infrastructure support. I’m not going to say here how I got the images but it was stupidly simple. My advice to the photographers is to change their hosting service ASAP. If they would like some advice I’m sure I could provide some.

The photos did reveal a few things about my running that day. Firstly the shots from the start show good form and smiles. The photos from halfway and beyond are a different story though. There are plenty of shots that show heavy feet and heel landing while running, despite the efforts I’ve put into shift this to more of a mid foot strike. Clearly I was very tired and thirsty by this point in the run.

There are a few good pictures that show the ‘race face’ that I was deliberately pulling after attending Mark Remy’s session at the expo. Whenever I spotted a photographer I tried to turn my face inside out. It helped that I was genuinely finding the run tough!

Today I went for a short local run and found an exciting new hilly route that uses some of the service roads of a local school. In the 4.3 mile route it had an elevation gain of 200 feet. The surprise to me was that this was barely off my normal route but was hidden from the sidewalk by overgrown bushes covering the entrance. I achieved a pace of 7:50 despite the hills so I’m quite happy with that.

I’ll leave the blog today with a photo of my wife and I before the start. This is a picture that we had another runner take and wasn’t a part of my booty.



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