A Disturbed Night = A Hard Run

The system we use for monitoring our baby was playing up last night. As a result it kept sounding false alarms all through the night. It must have disturbed me 10 or more times.

Consequently I struggled to run this morning. Firstly I laid in for an extra hour to try and recoup some Zzzs but that didn’t really help. Then when I it the streets the humidity was crazy. I chose to run a similar route to the new one I found yesterday so that I keep pushing myself with some challenging hills. I cut out one loop back to reduce the length to a mere 3.75 miles but that didn’t help. My legs felt like lead and my lungs burned with the heat. Trudging up the steps towards Arcola school made my legs ache and seeing the deer at the only have me a brief smile while I was trying to catch my breath.

I ended up with a slow pace of 8:29 which is 40 secs per mile slower than yesterday! That’s a dramatic drop in pace and while the muggy weather didn’t help, I’m putting it mostly down to the disturbed night.

I’m looking forward to having a rest day tomorrow and may simply do a bike ride for Father’s Day on Sunday. We’ll see as I’ve not commited yet.

One other thing: when will the World Cup end? Yes, I am British. Yes, I grew up playing football in school. No, I don’t like it or anything about it. I don’t have World Cup fever but more of an allergy. The constant bombardment from all sides (Facebook, podcasts, twitter) is already driving me nuts. I think I may step away from those feeds until the tournament is through. That would be a good thing to do anyway…


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