Father’s Day Blowout and Monday Delight

This Sunday was Father’s Day and I booked up to do a bike ride with my 3.5 year old daughter in the bike trailer. I thought this would be a great fun thing to do together for the morning and I had enjoyed the event in past years when I rode with friends. However, I didn’t pay close enough attention to the ticket because this year (probably in an attempt to improve attendance) they moved the event to the weekend after Father’s Day. But did I notice. Well, no, of course not. So after struggling to get my daughter out if bed early, breakfasted and out the door we arrive at the venue and there’s no-one else there… Well, other than a lawn mower man and one other cyclist. Grrrr, to put it susinctly.

Not one to be foiled by such a downturn we headed back towards home and went to the local trail instead. The trail is really heavily used so I knew this would give my daughter a lot of chances to use the comedy penguin squeaker and cowbells that we load the trailer up with. She didn’t let me down and was finding all sorts of excuses to make noise. We rode about 10 miles, I guess, with many stops and starts as we adjusted things on the trailer and with her setup (tyres had too much pressure and were causing to many vibrations to pass into the trailer; just let the pressure down a bit). We had a good ride and pulling a 40+ lb child and all their stuff is a good workout especially when you haven’t done much riding this year.

20140616-085852-32332674.jpgOn Monday morning I awoke around five AM and lay there until 5:20 when I heard my wife walking around to feed the bairn. So I got up and headed straight out for a run. My legs felt well rested and I wanted to go long to make up for my lack of a run on Sunday. I thought I would do around eight miles but somehow ended up with 9.5. Whoops. It was perfect outside with a cool 57F start to the day and a gentle breeze. I didn’t go very fast as I ended with an 8:26 pace but I really enjoyed the run. I had the volume set really low on my phone so I couldn’t hear the voices of my robo-judges chiming in.

I ran the Moran trail again today which is a wooded shortcut that runs near Evansburg state park. It is still quite muddy in places along the trail which is really meant for horses (I think) but it is okay to deal with sometimes.

Another thing I achieved today was to run over 1.5 miles with my water bottle in my left (non-dominant) hand. I normally find this debilitating and too distracting but something just clicked today. This is good as I feel I need to be more balanced when I am carrying he bottle in my hands rather than in a belt.

I have noticed that I really do not engage my abs or glutes very much when running slow long distances, so I’m going to try and work on that and will try to find some exercises that target those muscles.

Have a great day everyone.


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