Track Night Meltdown

The summer finally arrived in PA this week and it hit with a vengeance. When I arrived at track tonight for the workout it was 91F (32.7C). Super hot.

I warmed up with two gentle laps and then did the prescribed dynamic stretches. By this time the sweat was pouring off my face so I returned to my car to get my halo headband as it is great at keeping the sweat out of my eyes.

The group was called to order and the workout began. The set was to be:
6x 400m @ mile race pace, with 200m recovery jogs.
4x 200m @ half-mile race pace, with 200m recovery jogs.

According to the coach, you can calculate your half-mile race pace by halving your mile pace and subtracting 3-5 seconds. It should feel like 95% effort compared to mile race pace being about 90% effort.

I started out strong and completed the first four sets of 400m but then bailed because the heat was just too much. My speed was going down quickly and I just wasn’t enjoying the run. After all, I do this because I like it so when it feels like that I just want to stop. I guess I need to build up my ability to run in the heat and running all through the winter and early in the mornings doesn’t help to build that stamina.

It was nice to sit in the shade with a cold water and watch the others finish off their runs. It gives me a lot of pleasure to see so many people that enjoy running being out together.


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