Friday Morning Combo Run

The temp this morning was a perfect 55F when I stepped outside. Oh yeah!

So I was in a quandary as to what type if run I should do. Should I run track to make up for Wednesday night’s meltdown? Should I run hills? Should I just relax and enjoy it?

I chose to do a bit of all three. I relaxed during the first two miles while I ran to a hill. Then I jogged down and ran hard back up the half mile hill. After this I tried to do a negative split on each remaining half mile. For the final half mile I shifted up to close to track speed and ripped my way back home.

A little bit of everything.

20140620-065726-25046463.jpg5.5 miles with and avg pace of 7:53 and some nice speed at the end.

Feeling good about things and setup for a nice Friday.

Only twelve miles to go before I graduate to the next level of my nike+ account; level 4, whatever that means.

Have a great weekend out there!


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