Strike Your Superhero Pose

Stand tall all you runners. All you early morning risers. All those who stretch lightly on the driveway at 5 am and deftly head off down the road.

Some days you feel stronger than others. For me today was one of those days. After a light stretch I looked down the drive and I felt fast before I even took a step. Was it because I cross-trained on Sunday with a bike ride rather than doing a long run? Probably. Was it because I had a relaxing, fun-packed weekend? Could be. Was it because I ate more reliably and substantially over the previous few days? I’ve no way to be sure but I knew before I took flight that I was going to be faster today.

I eased into the first half mile and turned up the gas early on. I concentrated on my breathing, ensuring that I took deeper breaths rather than two shallow ins, followed by a deep out. I had to pause to cross one road to allow for traffic, but then it was away again to attack some hills.

The temperature was a cool 68F and the sun was clouded over so heat and humidity were very low.

Here are my pace times:

20140624-130416-47056429.jpgIs it a bird? Is it a plane?

I started out quite fast (for me) and steadily improved throughout with a scorching last mile pace under 7 mins/mile.

Awesome run. Awesome start to the day. I salute all you other runners and hope that you have a day like this in your near future so that you, too, may strike your superhero pose and stare off into the distance having vanquished the run.



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