Track Night: Timed Mile #2 and Cross-Training

Wednesday means it is track night for the FastTracks running club. The predictions were for mid-80s temps with quite high humidity and the weather delivered.

I also chose today to ride my bike to work so I clocked up 10 miles in the morning and then had to ride four miles up a big 450ft hill to get to the track. It was a nice warm up.

The practice tonight was to be another one mile time trial to see where we’ve got to since the last one, and then 6x 400m at two mile race pace with 200m jogging recovery.

I warmed up and felt fast like I did the other morning so I was looking forward to the time trial. This time I blasted through and completed in 6:08 which is 16 seconds faster than the last one I did. Whoop!

Then after a short break it was time for the rest of the workout. I did the first three sets and then started to get slight rapping in my thigh so I stopped. With a twelve mile ride home I needed to make sure my legs weren’t going to be shot. We had been running slightly faster (6 secs per 400m) than we should so maybe that contributed to it.

Oh, and not only was I faster we actually ran a true mile rather than just four laps. Those extra nine meters make a difference, you know!

20140625-204524-74724829.jpgThe twelve miles home were fun as the first three were all downhill. Whee!


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