Run Commute, Bike Ride and Beach Shorts

I am the very definition of a sweaty mess right now.

For some reason I thought today would be a good day to run home from work but it is 85F and very muggy. If perspiration can cascade then I am a bubbling mountain stream. I’ll have to run back tomorrow morning but I was scheduled to run that distance tomorrow anyway.

Given the heat, the hills (490 ft of climbing) and three short walking breaks, my pace was a healthy 8:35 for 7.12 miles. The first few miles were sub-eight minute but I was slower once the uphills kicked in.

Over the weekend I did a leisurely bike ride with a friend along the shore in Avalon, New Jersey for 12.5 miles. It was quite hot then with headwinds for half the distance, but it is always nice to be in a place where there are many people enjoying ridinbr even if they are going slowly and not wearing helmets!

Finally, it was fun to hangout with my friends and kids on the beach on Saturday afternoon where there were plenty of runners to watch (and envy) as they went along the shore front. It does bring me to wonder whether it is okay to follow (with eyes) the early-twenties girl that was running along in a bright red bra top and skin tight black shorts that cut across the middle of each butt cheek; it would be hard not to look, to be honest, but is that appropriate wear? I guess if she’s comfortable in it and doesn’t mind the looks from everyone then it’s okay… I’m always surprised by people having that much confidence that they can run in so little; she could certainly carry it off though.

The reason I raise this is because last week is the first time I ran with out a t-shirt and it is a very odd (and wobbly) feeling. (#FreeNipple, I guess this is appropriate given the women’s rights campaign that has been running for the last year or so). I did the same thing tonight once I got half-way to try and cool down; it does feel very strange but is much cooler especially when the wind blows.

I hope tomorrow AM will be a little cooler or I’ll be a puddle in the corner of the office!


3 thoughts on “Run Commute, Bike Ride and Beach Shorts

  1. atwinthing33

    this is how I feel and I want to commute to work but I am afraid no one will want to stand near me…I would be a hot mess too…more power to you…maybe I should just do it and not care

    1. pauldburton Post author

      Just do it. At least try it a couple of times. Make sure you have the appropriate items in the office to freshen up with. Towel, wipes, deodorant, hair product, perfume… And fresh clothes, of course.


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