Unfortunate Sweat Patterns

Wednesday’s track workout was cancelled because of the coming 4th July holiday. Plus it was also a real feel of 100F when I left the office so I chose to go to a shady riverside trail to make up some extra miles.

The Betzwood River Trail is exactly 3 miles out and runs along the side of the schuylkill river near the site of Sullivan’s bridge. It is a beautiful trail that has a lot of different surfaces as you go along; it starts out as small compressed gravel, changes to dirt, then stones, roots, divots, then turns into larger stones, and loose gravel. Plus a few bridges with hidden steps at either end. It certainly keeps you on your toes (pun intended). There are also several benches for people to rest on.

I ran at a relatively slow rate at the start while I tried to get a measure of how the temperature might affect me. As I ran there was a sudden change in the wind and I could feel a storm front moving in. Now it was a case of finishing before the rain starts because I left the roof of my Mini wide open.

My pace picked up a little but I had to watch it as I didn’t want to flake out in the heat. Overall my pace was 8:17 for the six miles. Not too bad given the conditions.

When I stopped running I noticed the ridiculous sweat patterns on my shorts; talk about making you self-conscious about how you look. I think non-runners would really wonder what you had been doing: “I ran so hard I peed myself!” And other such thoughts.

20140703-091359-33239472.jpgAll very embarrassing. 🙂


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