Being Fast is Fabulous

Another one of those mornings today where I just felt fast. Standing at the top of the driveway looking out down the road I knew it was going to rock.

Then I went out too hard and found myself slowing dramatically (arms waving, tears; too much?) at the half mile mark. To add insult to this my GPS decided to be freaky for the first mile of the run reporting ridiculous speeds (4 minute miles); come on, I was fast but not that fast.

After finishing the four miles I had sections that were sub 7:00 pace and the average for my run that included some extra hills (because I haven’t done enough of them this week!) was still 7:32. Thanks Nike+ for working when GPS deserts me.

To top this off I decided to ride to work today as a bonus. I chose to take my road bike rather than my clunky hybrid and now I feel even faster. Damn I love this bike; such a smooth fast ride. The Specialized Roubaix is such a great bike.

Let’s hope I can find enough reserves of muscle power to get me home tonight. Perhaps I could take in some hills en route? Hmmm… 🙂


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