Yes it’s Hot; Run Anyway and Help Win Others Over.

But before you do be sure to choose an appropriate route that doesn’t put undue additional stress on your body, perhaps a route that glides along by a gentle river with a shaded canopy of trees. Do you have a water bottle and belt? Use them. Also take some snacks as you’ll likely tire more quickly.

Beware of your body’s core temperature getting too high. This is more likely to cause you problems than dehydration. If you find this starts to happen, slow down or even stop.

Wear thin bright clothes that will not absorb the heat and will let your sweat evaporate away.

Make sure that someone knows where you are going and how long you should be. Ensure that they will call for help if they don’t hear from you then make sure you do contact them when you are done. Run with someone if you can.

If you do all this then you can get out there and enjoy the weather. There’s only one thing that prepares you for running in the heat and that is running in the heat!

Don’t be surprised that you run slower; quite a lot slower, in fact, but if you are running for distance then that is the main thing.

Enjoy running on the scenic trails and luxuriating in the naturally cooler environs by the river. Be sure to smile at the other runners and cyclists, and don’t forget the walkers, miniature horses and traps (yes, weird), and the regular horse riders. Remember, it is our job to win people over to the crazy side on trail use.

I was slower today, but that’s okay. The weather channel running app rates it as a 3/10 day for running, but I think that is a bit harsh. I ended up with an 8:38 pace over 13.3 miles.

On the way I saw many beautiful sights along the northern parts of the Perkiomen Trail from just south of Schwenksville, PA to very nearly at Green Lane reservoir. I rarely get out this way and it is lovely.


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