Clench Those Cheeks

After reading a post about Leg Muscles by BornToPlod the other day I decided that this aligns with my experiences with glutes muscle usage, in that I don’t often engage them while I am running. It is something I’ve been trying to work on and have mentioned in this blog before, but his post had the suggestion to try running as if you are clenching a credit card between your cheeks. So that is what I did today.

To start with it is quite an odd feeling and you will have to keep reminding yourself to reclench as you run down the road. I also found that it interfered with the light that I was wearing on my SPIbelt (it was an overcast gloomy morning and I wanted to be sure I oils be seen on the road) and kept making the light move around the belt which is something that never normally happens. Odd, huh? At the time this simply annoyed me and it is only in retrospect that I see it was related to the technique I was using. With my butt clenched I’ll have to start wearing the belt slightly higher.

I found that I had to engage my abs more while doing this as otherwise my hips rotated too far forward making it uncomfortable to run.

Now, whether any of this made a difference I cannot say as it was hot and 90%+ humidity this morning, so I was moving slowly. I can certainly feel it in my glutes now I am sitting in my comfy office chair. I’ll try it out for a few more runs to see how it goes. I guess you have to build up the use of these additional muscles too if you haven’t been using them properly before.

Today’s run was a ‘significant number’ distance of 6.66 miles but at a not so magic pace of 8’12. By the time I got home I was totally drenched as the sweat doesn’t evaporate when the humidity is that high.


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