Climb Every Mountain

Okay, that might just be exaggerating a little but once again track night was transplanted to the hills of Malvern for an exciting interval hill workout on Old State Road. The track is closed for renovations for a few weeks but that doesn’t stop the club training.

Just as last week we jogged over and then did one interval so that people could get a measure of the hill. Then we had to do another six repetitions.

You have to choose your pace carefully so that you can stick to it throughout the set of repeats. The people that went out too hard last week didn’t make the same mistake this week and it looked to me to be a better, more evenly paced run.

Last week I came second but this week I was fourth. There were two other fast runners in the group that weren’t there the previous week. I think my time was pretty consistent.


20140717-124233-45753472.jpgFor some reason my app tracks the hill as only being around sixty feet but others in the club measure it to be much more with their Garmins.

I tried to continue my efforts at running with my butt clenched a little to engage the glutes but it seems that you can’t really do that when running hills. You have to lift your legs higher to get up the hill and I found I couldn’t hold the clench through that. Hills naturally engage your glutes anyway but it was an interesting experiment.

I took the morning off today as I had a late night partying with friends. It can’t all be just about exercise after all. 🙂


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