Quick Out and Back

Some mornings it is best just to go back to basics. No fancy intervals, hills or such like. So. Today as part of my recovery from the fifteen miler on Sunday, I ran a quick four mile run; two out and two back.

The temperature was lovely and cool and close to ideal for running at 65F so I went out at full steam after eating one third of a clif bar and (dynamic) stretching a little.

I saw several small deer out today, one of which was clearly from Valley Forge because it had no fear of people and staid within a few feet of me as I went stomping by.

There was also one crazy dude out in his Mustang who ripped past another driver and then ran through a stop intersection at about fifty mph. I know it was early but there were clearly other people around. Life’s too short to be that stressed.

Four miles in 29:37 for a pace of 7:20. From the graph you can see that I started quite fast and managed to settle into a fast pace quite quickly.

20140722-061259-22379567.jpgEnough about me; now an update on Mr Straw who is running the BadWater ultra. Overnight he moved from 41st to 26th place and reached the 75 mile marker in 17 hours and 30 minutes. He’s gradually eating away at everyone’s times. :-). Follow the race on twitter with @BadWater or #badwater135 for some excellent photos.


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