Walk Run Combination

On early Wednesday morning my fellow FastTracks runner Keith completed his BadWater135 run after 42 hours and 21 minutes. Wow. An excellent job for a very challenging event.

Last night I decided to bail on yet another hill workout (the track is being resurfaced) and instead opted for a four mile walk with a friend who is on a massive weight loss campaign and is doing very well with it. It has been a long time since I actually just walked anywhere and it was a refreshing change for me. I also found that it tired me or more than I expected. My calves were achy afterwards and I found it hard to get going the next morning. It was quite hot when we started out (94F) but the path I chose was shaded and by the river, so it didn’t feel too bad. We had planned for a two mile walk but we decided to extend as we were both enjoying it. The Betzwood River Trail is a lovely place to run and walk and has good facilities around it; benches for resting, toilet blocks, water fountains. I’m glad we took the water along on the trail though because we needed it. We only just made it back to the car before a storm blew into the area.

I guess you use subtly different muscles when you walk and I don’t really use them too often. Definately feeling it. It was a very therapeutic walk though.

This morning (after struggling to get moving initially) I headed out for a quick ~6.5 miler. Pace wasn’t great but was a fair 7:48 and given the aches in my legs, I’ll take that. 🙂


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