Chill Out It’s Summer!

Or should that be:

It’s chilly out and it’s summer?.

I went out slightly earlier this morning to accommodate my wife’s need to run as well, but I was actually cold when I went outside. That seems like such an alien feeling at this point in the summer. Normally by mid-July it is crazy hot all the time.

Don’t get me wrong as I am not complaining. This is wonderful to run in.

Today I did a quick loop run with a little bit of hills. I had one issue with a gate I couldn’t get open and, once through, I couldn’t get it to stay closed. Despite this I still managed four miles with a 7:40 avg pace.

20140725-061347-22427065.jpgI think it is always interesting that you can see exactly where the hill is. I enjoy the fact that I know the area so well now that I can string different parts of various routes together to make the length that I want to achieve. MapMyRun had this at 3.92 but nike+ recorded 4.06. The difference: all those tiny steps I took to get up the staircase hill near the local middle school. 🙂

In other news I achieved the fourth level on Nike+ this week (I’ve only been using it this year). I expected the site to give me an achievement message but I guess they figure you are hooked in sufficiently by this stage. 🙂


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