Chills are Multiplyin’

What’s this? Another sub-60F morning with a gentle cooling breeze. Is this really the middle of summer?

Another fantastic morning for running. After Sunday’s fainting episode (see the updated blog entry) I had a pint of water before I went out and then loaded up with a few shot blocks in my SPIBelt and my blinkie.

I chose one of my favourite out and back routes and struck out. Within 100 yards I saw another runner (she looked very experienced; good form and musculature) and nodded “mornin'”, then decided to take the more challenging hilly version of the run.

Once my legs warmed up at about the one mile point my speed started to improve. I was trying to remember to do the butt clench while running and think I did a reasonable job of that this time. My pace throughout looked pretty good.

20140729-065049-24649158.jpgThere are a couple of very respectable splits in that set.

On the return run I think I saw the same woman heading back the other way. I again nodded a greeting but it wasn’t returned this time.

I completed the run strong and without any faintness at all with a good pace of 7:44 avg over 6.6 miles. Not too shabby given this was a recovery run from the long weekend run.

I received a ‘congratulations’ message from Paula Radcliffe courtesy of nike+ for completing another 500 kilometres, so that was nice.


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