Relaxing Middle Distance Run

After a couple of high mileage weeks I decided to dial it back a little for today’s run as we had plans to meet friends for a round of crazy golf.

So, I took a quick out and back ten miler but made sure it had plenty of hills to help build some strength. 666ft of climbing to be exact; nasty. 🙂 my average pace for the run was at 8:11 but the last 0.7 miles was at 6’30” pace.

20140803-202215-73335665.jpgI didn’t try and do anything fancy for this run but just wanted to get the distance in. I was weary of the climb back up the hill and made sure to keep some energy back for it, but I needn’t have worried as it was relatively easy. It seems odd to say that for a 1.1 mile uphill on Arcola Road, but it really wasn’t too bad. The worst thing about it is the blind curve halfway up the slope.

Part of my run today was on the Perkiomen Trail on which I decided I would experiment and count the number of cyclists wearing helmets; 4 with and 9 without!


2 thoughts on “Relaxing Middle Distance Run

  1. WalkToRio

    One thing I miss is the “thrill” of facing a huge hill. Seville is really flat, so flat that it gets extremely boring.


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