Sometimes it is Hard But You Just Have to Do It!

Yesterday I decided to ride my bike to work as part of my recovery day. It was a really enjoyable commute with good temps and lovely views through Valley Forge National Historical Park. It was not, however, very restful for my legs.

Come this morning and I was intending to run a ten miler but my legs felt like lead. There was no bounce in my calves at all and my thighs were barely swinging. So, I shortened the route slightly and took a new road which ran past some very scenic farms.

I think, perhaps, I should have rested more on my rest day rather than cross trained. Oh, well.

Today’s run was a moderately hilly 7.6 miles with a pace of 8:19. It was also warm and quite humid.

Sometimes you just have to run even when your legs won’t move. Now to try and rest before tomorrow nights circuit work.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes it is Hard But You Just Have to Do It!

  1. WalkToRio

    Yesterday was my day, for a minute I thought about biking a few miles, but then decided to go for ice cream instead. Don’t regret a bit lol


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