Track Workout: The Very Mean Lactate Steady State

FastTracks is back on the track. The new surface is bouncy and springy and much thicker than the previous coating. It is also much rougher on the hands for the dynamic stretches; ouch! Not so cool there. Also, I’d hate to fall on it as it has some very sharp elements to it. Perhaps they will wear down with time.

Tonight’s workout was to try and run at an intensity around the mean lactate steady state which here is considered an all out 30 minute run pace. We targeted a little above our 5k race pace; something that we could hold for 30mins but would fall over if we ran any longer.

The intervals were:
One lap warm up then 800m at pace. 100m recovery jog then straight back into the next 800m interval. Repeat five times.

This was immediately followed by:
150m run starting at moderate pace then increase to hard pace after 50m and then all out for the last 50m. Jog back to the start and do it five times.

This was quite a workout, I have to say. The group targeted 3mins 25 secs (6:50 pace) for the 800m intervals and we were pretty close to that number. Here are the interval stats from tap-a-lap (consider the lap pace column):

20140806-214045-78045029.jpg20140806-214045-78045156.jpgThis was followed by some beers and a chicken burger. Lovely.


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