Eventful Recovery Run

Well, I say eventful, but I guess that depends on how you define it. So, compared to run of the mill runs it seemed eventful.

Firstly, I had to use both my lights today as it was pre-dawn light when I left the house at 5:30. So I guess that means that summer is beginning to fade away. The temperature was lovely today and was slightly chilly as I started out.

There were a few of the obligatory deer out on the route who nonchalantly watched as I went by.

Then, as I was nearing my turnaround point an older gentlemen in his pickup pulled up next to me and said: “That’s a great light ya got back there; Makes ya really visible.”. I thanked him and off he pootled. So, that’s a first. It is good to know that someone appreciates my efforts to make myself seen on the road.

As I was returning home, I wished good morning to a lady taking out her trash and she actually engaged with me, asking me how I was (exceptional, thanks) and telling me to “keep up the good work.”. I never get any interaction from people when I’m out save for the odd nod from other runners so it’s a bit of a shock to get two in one run. I put it down to wearing my Superman shirt; people always interact with me more when I wear this.

Once home I discovered that I had failed to press the start button on mapmyrun before leaving. Doh. Thankfully I had nike+ running and know the route is 6.66 miles. 20140807-064458-24298785.jpgToday is also the day I retire my faithful Brooks Adreneline shoes after around 470 miles. The hole in the top warn by my big toe after 150 miles has been covered by duct tape since to stop stones entering my shoe on trails.

20140807-064639-24399155.jpgThe right shoe is pretty worn on the outside of the midfoot and a little scuffed on the heel from track work.

20140807-064828-24508910.jpgThe left shoe has some scuffing around the toes but is very worn on the outside of the heel.

20140807-065008-24608187.jpgI’m going to change back to my Brooks Beast shoes as I have a pair that have only 130 miles on them, so I’ll finish those off next.

Fun, fun, fun.


2 thoughts on “Eventful Recovery Run

  1. WalkToRio

    I have to see something that can’t be fixed with duct tape.
    I rarely interact with people when I’m out, there’s an old guy, and by old I mean he’s probably in his early 100’s. Whenever he sees me coming towards him or he stretches his hand out for a shake, and says “Venga, marchador!” or “Go race walker!”. He makes my day every time I see him.


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