When Running Becomes Useful

For most of us running is something you do to get or stay fit. It is something you make time for and clear space in your schedule. It is an activity in and of itself.

But there comes a point where running can actually be useful. Sometimes I use it to commute the seven miles to work. It makes the running have more purpose. A point A to point B run seems to fit into life more easily to me.

Thus, I was happy today to be able to run to my mechanics shop to go and retrieve my car. Finally they’ve managed to isolate the intermittent starting problem!

The four and a half miles to the workshop is the perfect length for a Friday morning run and it is useful. It gets a chore off the list. All it takes is a little planning to start slotting running into your life in a more useful way. In this case I actually put a towel in the back of the car knowing that I would either run or bike to go and retrieve it (although biking requires me to take my bike apart to get it into the back of my Firebird).

I fear this train of thought may be crossing some sort of line on the pathway to craziness, but it’s time to put it out there. Running can be more than just exercise. It can take to places and help you get stuff done. You just have to reframe it a little.

A nice early start and quick run down the road meant I was back home by 6:10 so that my wife could head out to get her run done too.

And then it’s off out for our traditional Friday morning breakfast. 🙂


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