Out in the Wilds

Sunday was a beautiful day for a run in the wilds of Evansburg State Park. I ran around to the backside before entering the park (5.5 miles) and then went exploring random trails, starting with horse trails and then hitting smaller ones. (I am currently hoping that the marks on my legs are from the mud on the trail and not from the horse shit).

Eventually I ended up on some of the official park tour trails and found little informational signs and education areas. There were also a number of little bridges over some of the culverts which made it a little easier to get through. I like to see that the park is used.

During the run I had to stop three times to adjust socks and shoe laces. I guess I just need to get use to running in my Brooks Beasts again. They have a much firmer sole than the Adrenelines and are noticeably heavier. Good shoes though so I shall continue to use them.

I took my favourite route back that cuts through the disused gravel pit and up a difficult hill.

Such a relaxing way to start a Sunday morning. It certainly shook out any of the stiffness I had from power washing the side of my house yesterday.

Now to make sure I eat plenty so I don’t pass out like I did the other week. My wife bought us some Clif chocolate mint builder’s bars because they didn’t have our usual ones in stock. They are very chocolatey and quite filling but seem to take up too much space in my running belt.

All in all, 14.7 miles with 909ft of climbing. My pace was a dire 8:50 but given the number of stops and that my legs were soooo slow when I started out, I’m not too unhappy with that.


2 thoughts on “Out in the Wilds

  1. WalkToRio

    Sounds like a nice run indeed. But when your legs feel like lead there’s little you can do to increase the pace.
    Have a nice week!


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