Dark is the Night For All

I went out slightly earlier today and hit the streets at 5:15am and it was dark. Properly dark. No predawn light on the horizon. So for half of my run today I was running by torch (flash) light.

It was damp, humid and 70F but I managed to squeeze in the 8.3 miles I had planned. My legs were heavy and so were my shoes. It felt like I was dragging myself along. My pace was 8:23 and I had nothing in the tank for a sprint home either. Mind you, I hadn’t eaten anything and didn’t take water on the run with me so I didn’t really give myself much of a chance.

Job done and now to enjoy a day and a half before I run again. 🙂

Note: the title here is borrowed from a track by a-ha which I am going to have to listen to now.


2 thoughts on “Dark is the Night For All

  1. WalkToRio

    At time I was tossing and rolling lol
    I usually wake up at 6, unless I have to travel then I try to leave early if I know I won’t have time by the end of the day.
    In here 7am is still dark, so 6am feels like night.

    1. pauldburton Post author

      When both you and your wife have to get a run in before going to work, someone has to take the early shift. She’s not too keen on going out at that time so generally it is me that heads out first…


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