Beat Yourself

This is not a post on self-flagellation, although many may disagree with that point when thinking about runners, but a post on running to beat your own best times.

Unless you are a pro, in most races the only person you are really competing against is yourself. Trying to score a new personal best time for a distance or segment.

So, because I missed track last night, I decided that today I should go out hard for a short distance and see what I can do at my current fitness level.

With my legs (briefly) stretched and my feet feeling springy I darted out off down the driveway. The first half mile felt fast and was a respectable 6’44”. The next half had a hill in it; you don’t get those impediments at a track. I slipped to a 7:07. Then it was down the hill and I was almost at the turning point.

I took the turn wide so that I didn’t have to slow down to change direction and then started the journey back, powering back up the hill and not worrying about being exhausted at the end. For the last half I tried to accelerate a bit to push the time even further. Here’s the result:

IMG_3660.JPGI took the liberty if awarding myself a gold star because I’m pretty happy with that. A 6’49” pace on a 5k is a good place to be for me and it feels like I haven’t had that sort if result off track for a while. Hurrah!

And this was with my ‘old’ heavier shoes (Brooks Beast).

Thanks FastTracks for the coaching and drive. Something seems to be working!


2 thoughts on “Beat Yourself

    1. pauldburton Post author

      Thanks. Still plenty of room for improvement in there as it isn’t quite up to my track times yet, plus I really think I can get it closer to 6’30” with some application.


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