Running Commute: Doing the Double

On Sunday I swapped out my long run for a 45 mile bike ride in preparation for a 150 mile MS City to Shore ride I have signed up for at the end of September.

So, to try and keep my running miles up I decided to do another run commute. Up until now I have been doing them one evening and then the next morning, but today I am attempting the double. Running in and out on the same day.

The run in was fine and uneventful except for the squished turtle that I found just before my office. I didn’t even know we had turtles around here.

Now to get clean and wash out my running gear so that it will be useable tonight for the return trip.

Yikes. I hope this works out as this morning’s run was a little tough after the ride yesterday. Did I do any stretches in between? Don’t be daft. Why would I do that? Hmm, perhaps I need to try and be a little more organised with my stretches.

Seven miles at 8:16 pace. Not too bad given the pauses at road crossings and waiting for traffic.


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