Track Night: Extend the Workout

Back on the track tonight with FastTracks and the routine was updated to be 5 x 1000m with 100m jogging recovery.

This was a pretty intense workout especially because the temps were in the 80s and there was high humidity.

IMG_3670.PNGThese were my times for each of the 1000m efforts. Not very consistent and they got slower throughout until the last one. I’m not very happy with those. The 5k time was 21:20 which is slightly slower than the one I ran last week. It was cooler when I ran that though.

After this we had to run 5 x 150m accelerations with 50m increments from medium effort through med-hard through hard. This was a fun set to do as you feel you can really throw yourself completely into the last 50m of the runs. My times were all around 28.5-32 seconds. Not too bad after the other intervals.

By the end I was a sweaty mess and decided not to go to the pub afterwards. Pizza was waiting at home. Yum.


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