No Bounce Left in my Legs

After last night’s track run I got up and out early today to rack up a few extra miles. My legs, however, we not quite so willing to play along with me. My hips and glutes were tight and did not want to loosen up at all. I had no bounce left. Tigger would be most upset.

So I clocked a slow ten miler out into the beautiful countryside, turning around at the edge of Skippack, PA, where they appear to be building yet another trail (whoop!). I’ll try to forget about the 8;52 pace although that was made worse by a few extenuating circumstances; I double bagged my iPhone to protect it from potential rain but that made it quite unresponsive to screen presses, there was one road crossing where there was a looooong line of cars stopping my from making progress, and I choose a particularly hilly route. But those are just excuses; I was slow today. Oh, well, it will probably be better next time. 😉


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