A Great Escape: Don’t Panic

On Friday I picked up an RV for the week and the family and I went up to the finger lakes. We have a lovely wooden spot up near Watkins Glen and I’ve not been planning any runs or blog updates, although I did bring my gear.

Turns out that was a good idea. While I’m not particularly proud of it, I ended up with a spontaneous 5 mile run back to the campsite after I asked my wife to let me out of the car… My daughter had been melting down for over thirty minutes at this stage and was inconsolable and I couldn’t take it anymore. I wasn’t in running gear (other than my running shoes) and I didn’t have water, but running back seemed like a great thing to do. I have to say it was very therapeutic to get that stress out of the system. I have also now had the best part of an afternoon without them so I can decompress and do the laundry, etc.

The heavy cotton knee length shorts weren’t particularly comfortable. I took off my t-shirt and used it as a mop for my brow. I had no cell signal but knew where I had to get to and that it was about 5 miles away.

Again, not the best situation to run, but it was preferable to walking and it was very good therapy. My pace was around 8:18 which is acceptable.

IMG_3684.JPGPerhaps I could get my conscience clean by using this soap I found yesterday. Warning: many bad Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy puns.





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