A Great Escape: Run ToThe Hills

After our six month old decided to wake early and disturb his sister, I decided to squeeze an unplanned run into my vacation week. I hit the streets at seven am and it was still chilly with a mist rising in the valleys.

Being in an unknown area I decided to take a simple route out of the RV park and then head up the first decent side street I could find. Because our site is nestled in a valley that meant all side streets were going to be uphill runs. If you’re going to run a short distance you might as well make it count! Also, it is easiest to go uphill towards the start of your run.

So I headed up a brutal hill that just kept on going up and up. The 2.5 mile mark happened to be at the crest of the hill, so I stopped, snapped a couple of piccies and headed back down.



IMG_3702.JPGThe view from the top was pretty and I certainly felt like I was out in the middle of nowhere with the farm animals. :-).

The run back was faster because it was all downhill. I was trying stretch my stride and increase the cadence to maximize this and did hit one sub-seven minute half mile. But, at the end of the day, it was supposed to be a relaxing holiday run and wasn’t part of any training plan, so it all counts as a bonus.

IMG_3704-0.PNGThe skew on this graph shows how much faster I was downhill than uphill. Now to get back to the vacation.


2 thoughts on “A Great Escape: Run ToThe Hills

  1. WalkToRio

    The views are great, no doubt you are enjoying your time off.
    I still remember the last time I said to myself “take this little side street, will be nice”. I never got to see the end of tat hill, I had to turn around.


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