Run Commute Scuppered!

I rode my bike to work yesterday as part of my attempt to increase my saddle time for an event at the end of September.

However, there are some roadworks on my route and they just dramatically changed the flow of the roads. Where I could relatively safely cross the road and run down to the Betzwood park they have change it to be five lanes of traffic with absolutely no space for pedestrians. Nothing. No shoulders. No crossings or pathways. Just five lanes of traffic. How do they expect people to be able to use their parks if they can’t get to them without a car? Crazy town.

This is particularly frustrating for me because I like running that route. To go another way will add about four miles in each direction. So I guess I won’t be running to work for about three months while they do some lane and bridge repairs on that section of the road.

The ride was easy though despite the 80+F temps and the 90% humidity. I guess you just get used to these things. 🙂


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