All-Consuming Thoughts

This feels a little like a confessional as it has been over a week since my last run and I commited many (cross-training) sins, but thankfully a blog page is a very forgiving cleric!

There were a couple of struggles today; the first being getting up and out the door. Having had a week vacation and then switching to mainly cycling I had shifted my morning wake time to close to 6 am. This doesn’t lend itself to a spontaneous 5 am run. However, fortunately for me, my six month old son decided that 4:15 am would be a good time for a top up of his stomach and then refused to go back to sleep without cuddles. When I got back to my room it was five am. I laid down for 18 minutes hitting snooze twice and then relinquished and went downstairs.

Once up I had to find all my bits and pieces as a week off and filing stuff after vacation meant that everything was not in the usual place. Note to self: put stuff away in the right place immediately after vacation!

My legs felt like they were going to be fast and indeed my first few half mile paces were under 7:30. Hurrah for that at least.

And then… I don’t think there’s any delicate way to put it… My body decided it needed to have a poo. Not something I’d normally mention but the thought/feeling became so all consuming it was hard to focus on the mechanics of running. So, from mile two through three all I could think about was getting home quickly. Every step was reinforcing that thought.

I decided I need to distract myself and started thinking about an article Dave McGillivray wrote for Runner’s World Facebook page the other day with respect to marathon race distances and the variables therein. I thought it was odd that they still measure the race distances with a wheel when there is such good high-resolution GPS available.

All of a sudden I was at the last part of my run where I normally accelerate home but I realised I had been so wrapped up on other thoughts that my pace had slowed. Vroooooom…

In the end I managed the four miles in a comfortable 7:22 race and went straight to the bathroom.

It is surprisingly easy to get out of the early morning run habit…


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