Surviving in a Family of Runners

It is Sunday morning and I would normally be out running or riding long but today I am enjoying a slow breakfast while the kids play in the living room.

Why? Because this weekend I am a running widow. My wife is running the Chicago half marathon for the charity CMTA. It is also CMT awareness month so that’s why I’m mentioning it. This will be her tenth half from her ambition to run one in all fifty states, and this is the first one where she has gone away on her own.

Being married to a runner means that we have to coordinate our training plans so that we can both be sure to get all the practice and support we need. Taking turns on early morning runs and sometimes getting up extra early so we can both get a run in. We also coordinate our massage appointments to make sure that the appropriate person is getting what they need for recovery or preparation.

We mainly eat the same running snacks (clif mint chocolate bars and shot blocks) although she will sometimes cheat on her long runs and use a shot block that has caffeine. 😉

We have two young children so someone has to be home for them which means we rarely ever get to run at the same time (with the exception of our recent Boston run). It also means that the normal answer to my daughter’s “where’s mummy?” question most mornings is “out running”. She is used to this and will keep an eye on the window for her return, plus it gives us some time to hang out together too. She also takes part in a childrens’ running series twice a year. She’s nearly four so we are just thrilled that she wants to do it and we don’t push her in any way. She loves getting the t-shirt (which she wears regularly) and the medal at the end of the last run! Our little boy is only six months old and his only awareness of running is that sometime cuddles are a little more damp and smelly but that doesn’t seem to worry him.

I think that because we both run it makes it easier for us. We both know the importance of putting in the hours and want the other to succeed.

Do many of you have partners that also run? How do you balance it?


2 thoughts on “Surviving in a Family of Runners

  1. WalkToRio

    My partner doesn’t practice any kind of sport, some yoga and pilates but that’s about it.
    I dated another athlete for 3 years, it was funny, traveling to races was better, we always got a 2×1 deal, but it was just the 2 of us. Now I have a dog, which is solely my responsibility, but I need help walking him when I’m in rush between work and workouts.
    Good luck to your wife on her race!

    1. pauldburton Post author

      When my wife and I hooked up (yikes, almost 21 years ago) neither of us did any sports, so I guess we are lucky that it works out so well for us now. Doggie must get his exercise. 🙂


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