Bend Me, Shape Me, Argh!

Last night I went to see my therapist. No, not for my head; I have exercise for that. My Trigger Point therapist for my regular massage booking.


Perhaps I didn’t say that with enough feeling.


And, relax.

My thighs and calves were very knotted up. Given that I dialed back my running three weeks ago and switched to cycling, I was surprised that they were in such a state. I did recently switch to my old Brooks Beast shoes so I wonder if that is causing some issues. I’ll keep an eye on it once I get back to running next month.

Today I cycled to work and it was actually cold. I went the slightly longer route so that I could enjoy it even more. Savouring the cool morning rides is what late summer is all about. Being able to scoot past lots of people stuck in traffic is also a bonus although I can almost taste their ire as I fly by them. There was a half mile queue of traffic today which actually makes getting through a difficult junction safer as they are at a standstill.


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