Biking To and From Track Workout

Okay, I’ll admit it. I think I crossed a line today into the realms of madness.

I cycled to work (8.5 miles) then met a friend at lunch (2 miles on bike). Then it was off to Wednesday night interval training (running) at the local high school… Which is particularly high as it is at the top of some big hills! Four miles of biking hills in the opposite direction to get there. Time to recover a little, then warm up for running.

The FastTracks track workout was four sets of:
800m @ 10K race pace, 200 jogging recovery,
400m @ 5K race pace, 200m jogging recovery,
200m @ 1 mile race pace, 200m jogging recovery… Then straight back into repeats. Yikes. This was a hard workout and we left nothing in the tank. I was running with group 1 and we were hitting our targets bang on throughout the run. Tonight I decided to try using a classic stopwatch (Casio calculator watch) for time rather than my fancy iPhone apps and I have to say it was much better. Once you know approximately the paces/times you need to hit it is a far better way of tracking.

Then it was time to scoff a quick snack and jump on the bike and head home. As I started out the High-school band struck up a rendition of Queen’s Bicycle Race; how perfect is that?

The first two and a half miles are downhill and were really fun. However, it was pitch black by 8pm and I was only halfway home. I had my lights with me but the front one was starting erratic flashing for low battery warnings. 12.5 miles of biking home and I was done for the day.

I am knackered (as us Brits would say). All of the above plus a full and busy day in the office. At least there was a project completion breakfast this morning so I was able to scarf down three donuts (jelly donut, and two iced ring donuts) plus a bagel over the course of the day. Yum.

Now sitting at home with a bowl of special-k before showering and hitting the hay.

M-m-m-m-m-mad-madness. (Muse).



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