Cross-Training A-go-go

With only two weeks to go before the MS bike ride I’ve been ramping up my bike mileage and missing a few runs.

This week I’ve managed to put in 12.5 running miles on track and on the road, but I’ve mainly been focused on bike riding and have done around 134 miles with work commutes and today’s ride.

I’ve reached the point where I don’t feel the saddle any more (which is good) and now I just have to get a bit more power in my thighs. I sense some squats in my future. Oh, joy!

Today’s ride was 46F when I set out at six am. Brrr. I wasn’t ready for that and had to ride no-handed for the first five miles with my hands in my armpits to keep them warm! That can be a bit hairy (the riding not the armpits) given some of the hills but fortunately there is no one around at that time in this area.

Five hours on the road and lots of headwind to fight so it was a good workout.

Looking forward to switching back to running… 🙂


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