Alone With The Universe

Unfortunately the #Run2WorkPHL day isn’t going to work for me this year as it is the day before my vacation and I have to take a boatload of stuff home with me; my runner/rider wardrobe, my towel, my laptop, etc.

So I decided instead to go for an equivalent run before heading to the office.

It was truly beautiful out there. The temp was a perfect 50F with no humidity. As I stepped out the door there were two deer hanging out on the front lawn. They were startled and looked at me like I was in the wrong place. It felt like the scene in highlander where he tries to feel the heartbeat of the deer… As I started to run, so did they. Off into the woods.

Then I ran out along the lovely lonely roads towards Skippack. It was early and there were few cars so I took the chance to turn off my light every so often and run ‘au natural’ under the stars. I could see clearly by the quarter moon and could even make out the Milky Way. Stunning.

IMG_3768.JPGMe and the Moon.

I had one close call nearly steeping on a dead deer that had been laid on the edge of the road. Fortunately it was on a lighter piece if road so I saw it just in time. As I turned to head back there were two more deer on the road that I startled, one of which ran with me for a while.

The it was off home. A perfect run with a reasonable pace of 7:27 over 6.7 miles.

I hope everyone enjoys #Run2WorkPHL day; run commuting is fun.


One thought on “Alone With The Universe

  1. WalkToRio

    A lot of wildlife, in here I gotta be careful not to bump into the drunk kids that hang out down the bridges and along the river. I guess they could be considered wildlife too.
    Have a nice weekend!


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