Cycling Vs Running

While I really enjoy the running, cycling truly makes me smile like a seven year old and I find myself smiling and giddy with excitement as I scream down a gravel trail on my road bike flirting with the edge of adhesion and a gravelly slide into oblivion.

One advantage of cycling is that you can cover significantly more distance on wheels and I could join lots of my favourite running routes together to make a good long ride.

Today I slept in and only had time for a quick forty two miler up the Perkiomen trail to Green Lane State Park which is where I stopped to have my lunch, with this wonderful vista:



One thought on “Cycling Vs Running

  1. WalkToRio

    I enjoy biking a lot, I finding relaxing. I’ve been adding biking miles to my long workouts on weekends. Legs feel like jelly but I get to see parts of town I’ve never seen before. I’d like to bike to other towns around but I don’t have the courage to bike on the road.
    Have a nice week!


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