iPhone 6 and the End of the Nike+ Shoe Dongle

For years the iPhone and Nike+ have been in bed together with the Nike+ application being built right into the operating system of the iPhone iOS. When the screen locked while using the app, it would give you your stats and read out your current performance info. It was a close and symbiotic relationship that drove both products to be well used by many runners that were iPhone owners.

The shoe dongle was a device that could be placed into the sole of Nike shoes or could be placed in a small pouch attached to your laces. It was easy to transfer to each pair of shoes.

This combination allowed you to track your run without having to rely on GPS information or using any data connection. Once you had calibrated the device your phone would sync to it and measure the running distance purely by tracking your foot falls. This was great as a backup for the (sometimes unreliable) GPS in the iPhones; when they sometimes said that you’d done 20 miles you could rely on the Nike+ sensor to say, “No, don’t be silly! Congratulations on the 2 miles you completed. Great real.”

And now with the release of the iPhone 6 Biggie Phones that relationship has come to an end. The new iPhone has motion coprocessor (M8) that can collect, among other things, your foot steps, so they have removed the ability to connect the iPhone to the Nike+ shoe dongle. I had not seen any announcements about this change but had assumed it to be the case when I could find no reference to the system in the notes on the Apple site.

For future runs I will have to rely solely (ha!) on the accuracy of the iPhone GPS and it’s atmospheric foibles, or on measuring distances with google maps.

Farewell my lovely. It was a nice run...

So there we have it; the end of an era. I guess I could still use it in conjunction with an old iPod but in reality I doubt I will be able to use this again.

The iPhone6 however it *fabulous*. I have to try to find a strap for it so that I can have it on my forearm while running


3 thoughts on “iPhone 6 and the End of the Nike+ Shoe Dongle

  1. WalkToRio

    I think I mention before my bad experience with the Nike+, it never worked for me. My theory is that is because I don’t run. I gave it to a friend and worked perfectly.
    I work with a telephone company and we get the new phones as soon as they come out. I don’t think I’ll be upgrading to the new iPhone, it’s too big and it doesn’t fit in my fuelbelt, not even the iPhone 5 fits in, I have the hardest time taking it out.
    I wanna try the watch though, but I don’t get those for free hahahaha

    1. pauldburton Post author

      The new iPhone isn’t much bigger than the iPhone 5 but the screen is far bigger. There won’t ever be a smaller iphone again so if you are going to stay with the franchise you’ll have to go big at some point.


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